Diary, Travel

Tanah Lot

Dear Tanah Lot,

I remember seeing you for the first time. It was a decade ago.

I remember posing for photographs in front of you with four of my then classmates, now best friends. I remember being blessed by a monk on your feet with paddy rice. I remember talking on the phone, trying to explain your beauty to my then friend, now ex. It was during sunset when I made a wish, to come here next time with the person I love, just the two of us, so we can admire you together.

I met you again, Tanah Lot. This time the seawater connected us, and this time I brought that someone. Someone I love. We were hand in hand when I introduced him to you.

I tried to explain more about you. You were majestic. The view you lay before us was and still is, breathtaking.  My words were and still are worth nothing to describe your beauty. But, he agreed. You were magnificent, he said.

Then I realized that you are a temple, where prayers and wishes are answered. Thank you Tanah Lot, for granting the prayer which I whispered in silence. It turned out to be my best wish ever.

Till we meet again.


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