Tarot Podcast

Around the same time of getting the reading, I started listening to a tarot podcast. At first, I was hooked by the podcaster’s motherly voice. The podcast episodes are usually short enough to keep me company while I dress up before going to work. It calms the morning madness down and cocoons me. Soon it becomes a part of my morning routine.

One day, the podcaster talked about choosing a tarot deck. She said to choose something that speaks to oneself.Knowing how choosy and particular of a Virgo I am, I took my time on choosing the right tarot deck for me. I did my research, googled the images, and read extensively what others said about the decks.There are a few tarot decks, such as Sun and Moon, the Asian, the Wild Unknown, the Gaia, the Green Witch, and the cartoon-characters-like-decks, which I am drawn to. I also had been strangely drawn to the Nefertiti deck at Spellbox, even though I had never seen the inside of it. After considering everything and anything I chose the Everyday Witch tarot deck by Babara Moore as my first tarot deck.I put my order in and a couple of weeks later, after waiting patiently, the deck finally reached my office cubicle. I tore it open before immediately put it away. It’s weird enough that I kept crystals on my work desk, I think a tarot deck would create a full-blown office scandal.

Gotta avoid a modern Salem witch trial, the office edition.


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