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Best Thing About Traveling

We are home! And that, I think, is one of the best things about of traveling.

Yesternight we reached home at midnight after flying from Christchurch airport six hours before. Instead of crashing immediately on the bed, I did my usual rounds around the house. I was so glad to be home!

Sometimes, that is the best part of traveling.

One of the things I always look forward to on my travels is to go home to my familiar things. Even if home meant the postage-stamp-sized room I rented in Singapore, it still was so much better compared to the shoebox-sized Hong Kong AirBnB.

This time it got a little worse because it has been two weeks! The last time I traveled for that long was a couple of years ago and then I didn’t have a home home as I was living at my parents’, so it wasn’t as bad.

But this time, I came home to my plants, my IKEA armchair, my crystals and candles, Joy the multicultural home Christmas tree, endless supply of tea and PJs, fast wifi speed, and best of all to my Netflix and Stan!

..that is the best part of traveling..

I showered, made myself my sleepy tea (Gone Surfing by T2Tea), and slipped into the blissdom of Netflix. Full disclosure, I also googled Hoarders, Million Dollars Listing, Snapped: Killer Couples, and Come Date With Me, all of the TV shows I watched on New Zealand’s Bravo TV which I have grown attached to. Especially Hoarders! It’s felt like a guilty pleasure for me, minus the guilt part.

..And that is also the best part of traveling..

I planned to wake up late today, but here I am, sitting down in front of my laptop which I also missed a lot, to write this to you.

It’s funny, this travel culture thing. I am happy to go on trips, and I am happy to wake up on my own bed after going on trips, and if you ask me to be on the road again tomorrow, I am up for it! Even to place without TV or tea, as long as I can pack my PJs along.

Because then I get to come home which is the best part of traveling!


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