Amma in Aussie

Amma’s is here!

It’s her first trip to Australia. The whole week was filled with lots of hugs, pampering, and fun time Including us flying to Sydney to spend the weekend there where we took a million pictures in front of the Opera House and enjoyed the stroll around the Jacaranda filled park.

In Sydney, we stayed in an Airbnb warehouse with spiders crawling around the bed, before moving out to a hotel immediately the morning after. This time Airbnb immensely disappointed me and that says something since I am not easily disappointed, not even when we stayed in a stamp-sized apartment in Hong Kong.

We also chilled with Jik, the birthday girl, in Sydney. Happy birthday Jik! And once again, thank you for spending time with us and for the hot pot meal at Chinatown. Speaking of hot pot, she made me realize that hot pot is one of my favorite cuisines. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise really, I have had three hot pot birthday dinners in the past five years. Ha!

On our last night in Sydney, we chilled at the hotel bar, not unlike middle-aged men, and talked about Hygge. We went through the google image search for Hygge and pointed out which ones we could relate to. We even made a vow to apply Hygge in our lives and to keep each other accountable by sending a Hygge snap each week. Yep, we were pretty drunk that night.

Jik kept her words, so much so by adapting Hygge to her birthday theme. Me? Nah, I didn’t get Hygge tattooed on my skin or anything like that, but let’s just say ever since our conversation there were a couple of trips to IKEA and the number of candles in our apartment has multiplied. Also, I may or may not have downloaded the Coffee Shop Acoustic Guitar album from iTunes.


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