Train Rides

Train rides are similar to the moments when you are savoring a cup of tea. It’s a beautiful ritual that gives you a sense of tranquility. And I am obsessed with it.

Train rides bring you to your destination, literally, but also mindlessly. The exact opposite of the hassle of plane rides. It’s kinda like sitting in your living room doing your own things and suddenly transported to another place.

It’s a borrowed time, we are traveling, we are going somewhere; that’s our main purpose, but the byproducts, the couple of hours of being idle? That’s the cream de la cream of public transportation.

And there is an ever-changing scenery. It’s never boring. The possibility of a good meal. The people-watching and in most of the trains, especially the overnight ones, are an interesting bunch. You can walk around even moonwalks and nobody would come and remind you to “sit down, please”.

The time spent on the train is some of the best hours of travel. A long train ride simply is a pleasure.

Memories are created on the train. Happy memories.

When I was much younger, my mom and I would take the train from Jakarta to Cirebon, where my dad’s work was located. I remember enjoying those train rides so much even from back then.

Fast forward twenty years, I woke up on a rainy night in Paris on the Eurostar train. That’s when my love for train rides are sealed. Deeply.

Then there was the time I took the Shinkansen with my best friends, to Hakone to Tokyo, with a Mount Fuji view in the background. The half-day Northern Express ride from Auckland to Wellington. The train I took to Beijing, passing by rural China, on my solo traveling saga. Taking the high-tech KTX train during my Korea trip with the snowy backdrop. The vertical train ride to Koyasan. Also, the lovely ride from Salzburg to Vienna when I traveled with my family.

I have an extensive train wish list. Sitting on top of the list: the mystical Trans Siberian, The fancy Maharaja Express in India, and of course, Hogwarts Express. Also, I would love to travel all over Japan only by train and lastly to get married on the train. There you go Universe, I am putting it out there, make it happen.

What’s your best train rides memory?


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