Cringe Read Me

Do you read other blogger’s old blog posts? I do. I have gone through every single old blog post of a few bloggers,  the ones I can relate to, or whose parts of life I wish to have. To go through a blogger’s archive is to learn more about their lives, thoughts, and adventures; understanding better, making connections, and being inspired. Why not right?

Recently though, this online habit of mine made me think about my own old blog posts. Oh, God! The thought of some of you read it made me cringe. It also made me go through a decade’s worth of archives. I was baffled by the grammar mistakes and in-your-face typos; the lack of story and substance (some of the old blog posts have less than a sentence on it); the inconsistency (I created multiple blog series only to abandon it soon after, such as the monthly Happy Things and Around The World series, among others). Gah!

In a nutshell, some of my old blog posts are headache-inducing piles of frustrating reads. So I am going to tweak it.

Based on what I read, I gotta add pictures on all of it; write a few paragraphs on each of it or at least update the meta description. I am also going to review 53 blog post drafts that are currently sitting on the Evernote. I either need to post, combine, or delete it.

The thing is, going through 600+ old blog posts is not going to be an easy task. Alas, I am making it a priority, which directs us to my next point, something I have been avoiding with fluffy paragraphs above. Even though we are already a week in, I have decided to take my annual blogging break this April, just like I did in 2012, 2013, and 2016. I will be back in less than a month, you guys. Hopefully in time to publish the start of the third year of my Melbourne Expat blog series. 

Meanwhile, if you miss me, you are welcome to go through my old blog posts. If you cringe while reading it, remember I am there, on the other side of those old blog posts, cringing together with you.


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