I had never been a big fan of black and white, not as colors nor in photographs. The only time I am inclined to black and white was the movies. The lack of colors in the old movies forces me to focus more on the characters’ expressions and the storyline, which in the end makes the movie much more enjoyable.

So I kinda surprised myself when I reviewed the pictures I took on the over the weekends and decided to retouch it to black and white. I believe it adds more depth to it like there are more stories to guess and to tell, exactly like the black and white movies.

This was a picture of my constant subject, the teacher. He is a very interesting man and extremely passionate about photography. Here he was trying to teach me a ton on how to take a good portrait picture. I clicked and failed many times using my regular lens. It’s when I borrowed a fellow student’s 1.80D lens the result started showing.

A picture a person who’s photographing another scene is one of my favorite compositions.

I took this picture squatting on the floor. As a rule of thumb, if you want to make a person more majestic looking, you should take it from way below their eye level and vice versa. Also, did you notice that it has an unconventional, yet nice, framing going on there?

The leading line has been the hardest part I learned in the photography class. My eyes and brain don’t always capture leading lines, we usually see pass through it, but leading lines can be so damn beautiful if it’s done right. I keep reminding myself that I need to open my eyes and quiet my racing mind more often for better photography results.

The last thing we learned in the class was all about the shutter. We had to stand by the road, in the rain with an umbrella in one hand and a camera, on the other hand, to take pictures of cars for hours. Cars!! Could it be more boring?! I practiced anyway, but at times I put people in the pictures as well because people are always more fascinating.

Especially people in black and white, don’t you agree?


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