Steak Night

My work team has started a new tradition in the office. We go for a Steak Night night to the restaurant across the road on Wednesday night.

I don’t remember who started it except that one day, my then manager, LP, invited me to join them on Steak Night. In the beginning, it was every now and then, just the three of us. But it quickly escalated into an event with the whole team, sometimes with other teams, every Wednesday, with beers. Everyone has started to look forward to this. The conversation about Steak Night starts at 9.01 AM on the same day with one or two people come to inform me that they can’t make it while the rest say they will try. Somehow I always manage to convince all the parties, the ones I like, to come.

Me? I don’t need convincing. I always come, I like Steak Night; for obvious reasons, the $20 meat, and the booze and for not so obvious reasons, like how we grow closer together by sharing inappropriate stories and comments among colleagues, managers, and subordinates. Including someone who slammed the door on his sister’s new boyfriend because he was a team ex-boyfriend, someone who drove very slowly on a very narrow road, beside a cliff, in the snow, to get some, and someone else who slept with their manager. Hoyaa. Steak Night is the best!

Update 2018: Now that I am no longer working in the same department nor does any of my old teammates, the Steak Night is practically non-existent. Newman and I have been trying to revive this tradition by committing at least once a month to it, unfortunately, it’s not that easy now that he is no longer working for the company and I work normal hours.


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