I Am A Syltherin

I bought the latest Harry Potter’s Hogwarts e-books series a birthday gift for myself from Pottermore. I haven’t checked out Pottermore after it had a makeover and let me tell you, that’s some serious upgrade, you guys! The website was truly enchanting, so much so that I was convinced to join and take the Hogwarts house sorting hat quiz while at work sometime last week.

And guess which house do I belong to?

I got Syltherin!!

If I am being honest, it didn’t come as a complete surprise. I could never relate to anyone in Gryfindor house. Not Harry, not even Hermione, definitely not the Weasleys. Not that I could relate to the Malfoys or worst, He-Who_Must-Not-Be-Named! Well, maybe Bellatrix, but only because of her unruly hair.

Admittedly, after finishing the book No. 7, I have grown a soft for Professor Snape.

I cried when I read:

After all this time? Always..

Still, all this time, I thought I was one of the unrevealed characters from Gryfindor house (a more powerful and less quirky version of Luna Lovegood) before eventually self-declaring that I am a Griffinclaw, because well, I wanted to be both brave and smart. Instead, the sorting hat put me inside the ambitious, persistent and manipulative tribe.

Do I really belong in Syltherin house?  We all grew up wanting to be heroes and knowing that the decision was made by a grumpy looking brown hat, it’s not an easy one to accept.

I spent an overnight mulling over this and decided that this is my destiny. I have been marked. If I am to be a Syltherin, I will be the best goddamn Slytherin you will ever meet. Someone from this greenhouse is set to rule the world and I ought to do it.

Do it with kindness, I will. Exactly like Merlin.

Though, if really can go even further, let’s say as far as am.. North America, I prefer to study in the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as I have zero doubt that I belong to Thunderbird house.

Thunderbird has the coolest house mascot! In a way, it looked a lot like Garuda, Indonesia’s national symbol. I would like to think this house represent me the best, or at least the best part of me: the adventure seeker.

I love the representation so much that I have been considering getting a Thunderbird side by side with a black cat tattooed on me. That ought to seal my deal as a witch.

The last quiz was the wand. I got the inflexible Ash wood with a phoenix feather core. The ideal owner is stubborn and courageous. Yep, that’s moi!

I told Manda that I was sorted under Slytherin, she laughed at me and told me as a Gryfindor she wouldn’t be able to be friends with me anymore. She then got curious and took the test. Guess who is also a Syltherin, a Thunderbird and chosen by The Phoenix wand. Thehehehe..

So far IRL I only know one Gryfindor, Fafa, which was not a surprise at all. Even Jik, is not a Gryfindor, she belongs to Ravenclaw house.

Tweet: After all this time? Always..

Update: Pottermore released another quiz: discover your Patronus. Guess who couldn’t even wait until lunch time to find out her Patronus?? But hey, I was anxious since the Internet was exploding with dissatisfaction tweets of their Patronuses.

My Patronus turned out to be Sparrowhawk. I didn’t know anything about the bird nor that I understand much after I Wikipedia-ed it, but I am glad it’s a bird, which for me, represent the traveler side of me. Have you taken the quiz? What is your Patronus?


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