Book Club

I attended a book club today. For the first time in my life.

After knowing there is one within walking distance from work, plenty research about it, and many failed plans.

I did it today.

It meant sneaking out for an hour from work and walking in the rain. but I did today.

It’s at Southbank BYOD Community Club.

I walked past ladies sitting in a circle to ask the other lady who was sitting on the information desk where was the book club.

The ladies circle were the book club.

I introduced myself and squeezed myself into the circle.

There was Natalie the coordinator who was taking notes on people’s thoughts on the last books that they read.

Based on her cat scarf and cat shoes and the book she was holding (Fate and Furious), I felt like Nat and I need to be BFF fast.

There was Megan, the blue-black blue stocking teenage who read medical books and Pokemon comics. She also made effort to research more about the books which made it a lot more interesting.

There was Mandy. Purple glitter wearing gorgeous woman, the same age as mine. Mandy managed to make a 104 yo book “The Lost World” interesting.

Then, it was IDK-her-name but a delightful old lady who’s tech-savvy, opinionated, and fashionable (she was wearing the same Jim Thompson scarf I gave to my Amma).

Next to her was a mother of one them. She was alive and had watched movies in the 30s. Her book was about a train. She was the smartest of the bunch.

Then ext there was the least interesting lady who read some beekeeping book.

Next to her was the last lady before me. The daughter of the alive in 1930s lady. She read an interesting story about interracial marriage back in the days.

And finally, myself. I talked about YOU. A disturbing physiological thriller. I didn’t explain it well because I didn’t come well prepared. But I managed to inspire Megan to read it. Some of them already read it back in January.

Sitting there for an hour among the mixed bunch. My heart was filled and recharged.

This is going to be my new regular thing.


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