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OTW to Perth

I am writing this blog post to you from Melbourne airport while waiting to board my plane to Perth, Western Australia.

But before we talk about Perth or Western Australia, I want to tell you about Melbourne airport. It’s small, it has like 10 shops, most of them close by 8 PM. The food stalls left to sell tasteless food and charge exorbitant prices, even by Australia’s standard.

I don’t know, maybe I had been spoiled by Changi Airport.

Anyway, back to Western Australia. Yes, I am going to Perth! And I will be meeting Che, who flew to Perth all the way from Jakarta a couple of days ago. So I am doubly excited or let’s make it triply excited because if I manage to wake up on time, based on my Perth itinerary, I will be going sandboarding at the Pinnacles in the afternoon tomorrow.

What’s sandboarding actually? And why am I doing it in Western Australia instead of the Middle East? I will tell you all about once I am back in Melbourne.

Interestingly, Perth is the third new city I am crossing off of my travel list this year, after the cathedral city Wangaratta in January and Echuca in May. It’s also the first time I will be clocking in 9 hours of flying time for a weekend getaway which I am going to call as the official Perth Weekend. It’s all good because I will be hanging out with Che. Can’t wait to see you, tomorrow bro!

If you have any suggestions on what to see and where to hang out in Perth, please share it with me on twitter or comment below! I am staying in the city center and will be touring Fremantle, including Fremantle Prison, as suggested by a colleague who went to Uni in Perth. Meanwhile, I am skipping Margaret River (squeezing in 13 hours tour during a 2-day trip felt too forced) and Swan Valley Cruise (no cruise is going up the river due to the high tide season — Ugh! I wanted to do the cruise) this time.

I am planning to hang out with Che at the coffee shops on Murray Street and have dinner at Chinatown. If only we can squeeze in a bubble tea date in between, our weekend would be perfect. Update soon!


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