Fremantle Prison

Not all travel stories are meant to be shared. Or maybe it’s me who don’t have the capacity to share some of the things I experienced during my travels.

At least that’s how I felt when I wrote about my visit to Fremantle prison while in Perth a couple of weekends ago. I have yet to reach half of the travel notebook page before I stopped myself from the few attempts of trying to write about it.

I didn’t like to recall it.

Spoiler alert: It’s nothing like the prison in the Orange Is The New Black. The vibe was too negative; even for me, someone who truly enjoys crime dramas and horror stories, both in book and TV, both fiction and nonfiction.

Welcome to Fremantle prison. Once you are inside, you have been stripped off of your freedom.

I, however, managed to find the only cute thing in the Fremantle prison: the prisoner’s fridge magnet in the gift shop.

Yep, the prison has a gift shop, and excluding this fridge magnet, everything else looked depressing. I contemplated bringing one back home, but I was unsure how would Fafa feel about me smuggling a prisoner home.

I could only describe my experience in Fremantle prison as eerie at the best, especially at the end of the tour when they took us to the death chamber.

The feeling I got while there was similar to how I felt when in Chu Chi tunnel in Vietnam. Evidently, I didn’t write much about it too.

To think I almost stayed in the YHA hostel located in the Fremantle prison. Gah!! NO FREAKING WAY! I wouldn’t last more than a few hours there.

Still, if you are pretty strong-hearted, I would recommend you to visit the Fremantle prison. It’s once in a lifetime experience, you guys!

Then again, not all things are worth to be experienced.


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