Moved to Melbourne

I moved to Melbourne over the Easter weekend.

That was a short sentence to type, but the story behind it was anything but. I have been wanting to move to Australia for a long time, even before I moved to Singapore and that was almost a decade ago. I finally had the guts (or maybe I had enough?) and decided to really make an effort to move to Melbourne, well, essentially Australia but Melbourne had always been my first choice anyway.

finally quit my job in Singapore, moved back to Indonesia to take care of personal matters, and after one plus year finally am here. And let me tell you, patience is not my strength. It wasn’t easy, even until the very last minute. It was hard to leave my beloved ones and there were a number of them in Jakarta, including my colleagues. But they were happy for me, including a few blogger friends who I informed that I moved to Melbourne once I changed my number to Vodafone (I preferred Optus because it’s yellow and happy looking, but it was closed during the Easter holidays). All their words were touching.

Over the weekend I moved into the apartment (apartment tour coming soon), did some grocery shopping, had Italian, Indian (ordered from Foodora), and Thai food. I went to the Melbourne Comedy Festival Pub Crawl and got sloshed (will to write about it soon too). Enjoying different types of cuisines, being tipsy and LOL-ing inappropriately are some things I wouldn’t want to change about myself wherever I go.

On the other hand, In an effort to be a better version of myself in Australia, I got some Activewear, bought a year’s supply of tea, joined an online course, and signed up for a night color run.

Umm.. what else can I share with you about this move? I think all is well, except for the time zone difference. As a night owl, I have been having a hard time sleeping even at 12AM because it’s only 8 PM in Jakarta and I usually slept by 2 AM there which is 6AMhere. Haiz. But man I have to figure this out ASAP since I am starting work tomorrow and I don’t want to be the idiot who snoozes on her desk on the first day of work. Also, my hair has been frizzy-er than normal. I asked Jik whether she had the same problem when she moved here a year ago. “You won’t like the answer, it’s coconut oil”, she said.

Well, if that’s what it takes, I shall embrace it.

Lastly, now that I moved to Melbourne, I plan to write more about the coffee capital of the world. At times it will be about its’ wide coffee variety and the hipster coffee shops, other times it will be whatever my brain finds interesting (already have a 24hour ramen place I have my eyes on).


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