New Number Who Dis?

Got an Australia handphone number at Vodafone today. I wanted it to be Optus just because their logo is yellow seems joyful. Kinda like this book cover, but they are closed today.

I called Amma about my new number, deposited some money into the bank account and Paid the next month rent. I took the took free term to Perk-Up for coffee (me) and burger (him – I had a few bites too).

Took Uber back to Chapel Street and went to grocery shopping alone. Oh, the food choices. I am planning to light-cook something tomorrow.

I also texted a few friends about my new number. I got a reply from her friend that her wedding has been cancelled. They are taking a step back to figure things out she said. Oh, man. But I guess it’s good now then than later. And I told her that.

I came home, made super thick matcha (fail) and now writing this. I am going to the Comedy Pub Crawl tonight. Yeehaaaw!*

Idk, why I said “Yeehaaaw“.

Ps. I am still awfully awkward with greetings and small talks. Singapore has ruined my hospitality skill.


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