Phoenix Yogyakarta Hotel

I must have mentioned it a few times here that I am an anti-chain hotel. About how I think it’s a soulless business establishment, exist solely due to its convenience and practicality of accommodation. I had to eat my own words when I reached the Phoenix Yogyakarta hotel. In my defense, I didn’t know that it was a part of a chain hotel called M Gallery when I booked it.

The Phoenix Yogyakarta Hotel is decorated impeccably with lots of attention to detail, even the tiny ones. It boosts the vintage theme with heavy Javanese cultural influence.

The service was A+ and both the breakfast buffet and room service were way beyond our expectations. I am impressed by how much the Phoenix Yogyakarta Hotel stay has enhanced our travel experience. If I ever come back here, this will be my Yogyakarta hotel of choice. Not only that, I have been looking into MGallery boutique hotels in Asia Pacific regions. St Moritz in Queenstown looks really good for our next trip to New Zealand.


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