Kopi Joss: Do You Want Some Charcoal with Your Coffee?

You guys, meet a cup of charcoal coffee aka Kopi Joss as the local fondly called it.

What is a Charcoal Coffee, You Asked?

Why, it’s exactly that, a cup of coffee with pieces of hot charcoals inside.

Why Would Anyone Drink Charcoal Coffee?

To lower the caffeine level, which helps to cure minor stomach issues, they said.

I think it might also have to do to keep the coffee warm.

We ordered a glass and shared between us on a rainy night while sitting and eating another round of “cat rice” at the famous roadside food stall called Angkringan Lek Man. The coffee tasted okay, not as bad as it looked, kinda like chocolate milk.

We spent less than $1 each for a mini-meal and a drink. That’s the beauty of Angkringan, the roadside food stall in Yogyakarta. I urge you to try the famous “cat rice” and Kopi Joss whenever you visit the city.


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