Poker in Bandung

We are in Bandung and having a sleepover party in a wooden house with my work teammates. All 15 of us, including two kids of a colleague.

We started driving to Bandung at the 5PM after work from Jakarta. We had damn spicy Mie Rica. Visited the vintage bakery Sumber Harapan, the fam Milk The Ranch. We then have lunch at Rumah Kayu and dinner at The Valley.

Unfortunately, or maybe, fortunately, we spend the weekend eating and laughing all the time, which means I don’t have much story to share.At least, I learned something new, poker. Okay, to be honest, I only half learned it. I still don’t know what higher a full house or a four straight, but I did yell “royal flush” whenever I had nothing or when I thought I had good cards in my hand. 9 out of 10 times, I didn’t have anything.

We also celebrated Ronald’s birthday.

On the last day we ate the famous Babi Cuka, had Cimory dinner and I bought a cow beanie.


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