CNY-ing in Singapore

Alright now, enough with the crazy January. I have been looking forward to February a lot since it means love is in the air, more travels, Valentine’s day celebration, annual bonus (so that I can get a new phone since my phone has been borrowed indefinitely by Appa, whose birthday is also in this month).

In short, February is going to be fabulous, people!

Speaking of travel, I am off to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore with my cousins.

We are flying with Singapore Airlines, which we managed to score on a promo price a couple of weeks ago (during Lunar New Year some more!). I am super excited about spending some quality time with the cousins since it’s my first girls-only vacation since 2014 and first Chinese New Year celebration in Singapore since… never! This is my first time celebrating CNY there.

All my Singapore friends are back to their hometown to celebrate the new year, which, other than drinking copious amounts of KOI bubble tea, my Singapore weekend is pretty much open. I am just going to enjoy the flow.


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