Kovfefed Monthly Digest – Jan 16

Kovfefed Monthly Digest series was inspired by reading the life happenings of others on the internet. Having always found it interesting, I started my version of a monthly recap. These are the highlights and life happenings of my life in the past 30 days. Hope you find something entertaining, informative, or at the least amusing here.

Highlights and Happenings

Many things happened in January, I celebrated new year in Sydney, had a heart-to-heart with Jik, passed IELTS, took and passed the Law exam (answered a few questions purely based on the information I retained from watching Law & Order: SVU marathon), signed a contract, went and half succeeded on diet, laughed every day, wrote 2016 goals, bought passion planner together with Che, watched first episode of the new The X-Files together with the whole world *I presumed* and discovered new blogs I like.


Speaking of the blogs I have recently liked, check out: Adventures Around Asia, whose niche is China and Friends in Ramen, whose niche is, yes, you have guessed it correctly, Ramen in Osaka. You guys, I take back when I said I don’t care about the niche of this blog. I want a niche. A niche is fun and focus; it’s an aim, a compass and can be the objective of me keep writing on the blog. That being said, I stand by my decision to not to keep an on-shelf travel blog.

What’s my niche? I am still unsure, but I will keep writing and experimenting until I figure it out. Stay with me will you?


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