Melbourne Diary: A Half Day Local

It’s my first day in Melbourne. The second time around.

I reached at 7 AM, went past the airport security and was on my way to the city in a jiffy.

Inside the cab, looking through the window, I couldn’t really see the attractiveness of Melbourne. The city looked plain.

Maybe Melbourne really is a place for a local but not a tourist? 

I rested, showered, and took an Uber to St. Ali to have a breakfast date with Fafa. St Ali was super crowded and I had the typical western breakfast. Which was nice, but didn’t really satisfy my Asian taste-bud.

We came back soon after because my tiredness caught up with me. I slept until the evening before taking another shower and head down (by train this time) to the Chinatown. 

I had been to Melbourne Chinatown before. 3 years earlier with Jik and my cousins.

The streets looked familiar except this time it’s overly crowded, felt like I was in East Asia instead of Melbourne. 

I felt a little awkward or more than a little awkward with Australian friendliness and greetings.

I kept hiding behind Fafa and immediately revealed that I am not a local by the tone I use. Gah!!

I also love love love Melbourne after experiencing it as a local for a half day.

I can’t wait to move here in a couple of months!


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