Pretty Good Number One

I read Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo by Matthew Amster-Burto.

I laughed, nodded in agreement and was in love with the writing almost instantly. This book also made my eyes watery and spoke to me on many levels.

I seriously need to go back to Japan again! Half through this book I think this guy talks way too detailed about Japanese food, where is the discussion about Mount Fuji and the likes, only to realize he is a food critique. Silly me.

Matthew writes in first person perspective and his deep love for Japanese food. My favorite person of this book is his daughter, Iris, who is going to celebrate her 21 birthday in a karaoke parlor in Japan. Sounds like a fantastic plan Iris. Ohayo!

This book for someone who loves Japan, going to Japan, went to Japan and doesn’t know anything about Japan, but willing to risk to fall in love with it.

Pretty Good Number One is a pretty damn good book about Japan.


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