Kovfefed Monthly Digest – Aug 15

Kovfefed Monthly Digest series was inspired by reading the life happenings of others on the internet. Having always found it interesting, I started my version of a monthly recap. These are the highlights and life happenings of my life in the past 30 days. Hope you find something entertaining, informative, or at the least amusing here.

Highlights and Happenings

I have been MIA for almost a month because work has been hectic and on top of that, I had to take the IELTS exam. IELTS is an international test a non-native speaker has to take to prove to the official boards that they are capable to understand English, by answering 80 questions in 100 minutes, writing two essays in 60 minutes, and talk about a random topic chosen by the examiner for 3 minutes, without doing err… nor umm… Because it will decrease the score.

For someone who can’t express herself verbally in her mother tongue, who prefers to keep it under two syllabus conversations in most of the social situations, I felt like taking two shots of tequila to calm down before doing the interview but I was afraid I would throw up and got disqualified. For what it’s worth, I think I did well, without any alcohol involved.

Another reason for being absent was Bromo, which I just came back from. Unfortunately, the sunrise wasn’t as magical as the ones posted by my friends on Facebook. Also, I was covered by ashes from dry horse shit for almost a day. So no, I don’t feel like talking about Bromo just yet, but I will write a post about sometime in the future.

I purged my Bloglovin’ list by unfollowing some as they all read the same to me. With the little free time I have, I just can’t. I also deleted Facebook from my phone and I have been feeling better, lighter, ever since.


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