Sapporo Bound

As the withstanding tradition to share random updates with you while I am in the airport, I feel compelled to whip up a half-baked blog post filled with things that might not interest you at all, but let’s also ignore the possibility of that.

Today, I am writing to you from Changi Airport Starbucks, which I used to frequent when I was living here, eating Singapore Starbucks‘ almond butter loaf, which I missed so very much.

I am waiting for my friends to join me, with overflowing thoughts running in mind in between praying to God that the plane, which we are going to broad in 3 hours, keep flying while it’s in the air.

I have been at the airport from 4 PM and counting the flight time to Sapporo, I’d have been in the airport for one whole day. Thinking of it, makes me want to take a quick shower here in Changi.

And with that, I am going to sign off, I got to find Yin and Vi somewhere in this airport.


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