Tsum Tsum

Technically, this isn’t my first Disney Tsum Tsum. The first one was Bing Bong from Inside Out which I got last June for my then 3mo old niece in the Shibuya Disney store. Even then I love the idea of these mini-sized soft toys, but since I didn’t know what it’s for, I couldn’t justify getting it for the adult me and I was worried that Miaw might get jealous (so much for being an adult, eh?). Also, that time I didn’t know that it’s called Tsum Tsum because I wasn’t Kawaii enough.

Life went by fine and dandy until the Star Wars craze hit us late last year and the internet exploded. A tiny piece of that explosion was the Star Wars Tsum Tsum. I kept seeing it everywhere and thought to myself “Hey, maybe I should get one for Fafa”, thus the beginning of me falling into the Disney Tsum Tsum rabbit hole. I was not long after when I completely forgot about getting him any Tsum. He already has the Darth Vader, the white Darth Vader, and the green E.T. master anyway.

Hours of “research” revealed that the most famous Disney Tsum Tsum was the Disney Princess Tsum Tsum. At least a few bloggers I frequently read had them, including Jemma of Dork Face. But I never really identified myself with any Disney Princess, not when I was young, definitely not now, so that choice was out of the window.

Also, all the princesses looked kinda.. err bloated? Don’t you think so?

I googled Harry Potter Tsum Tsum. Dammit, they didn’t have it! Next, I googled Gudetama. No luck. At least not the original ones. Finally, I stumbled upon the festive Tsum Tsum; Christmas, Halloween, and Birthdays and I went crazy.

I wanted it all.

After spending a few embarrassing days to decide, my first Disney Tsum Tsum which I assumed to be my last one due to the exuberant shipping cost to Jakarta needed to be the perfect *hint2*.

I liked the Christmas Mickey, the Halloween orange jumpsuit Mickey and I also liked the witch hat Mickey which might be the closest thing to the wizarding world. While contemplating which one of these three Mickeys to get I went to Amazon to check whether their shipping cost might be cheaper (not really). That’s when I saw it. Japan imported cat onesie wearing Mickey Mouse. Yes. Cat+Mickey+Onesie tied with a pretty red ribbon. How could I not? I clicked buy, with only one eye opened to avoid seeing the shipping cost and prayed that the purchase went through. I waited for it until I forgot about it.

The package came last Saturday. It was a happy treat to open when I was just back from Yogyakarta, all sick and flu-ey. Especially since it came in a tiny envelope so I didn’t think it would be the Disney Tsum Tsum. I decided that it’s gender fluid and named it Alexa Chung, inspired by her book IT. Yeah, I know, by right I should have named it IT, but that’s just cruel people.

Between the time I bought it and it came, before I completely forgot about it, I googled more about Tsum Tsum and found out that this mini cuteness can be used as a handphone rest/holder or screen cleaner. Talk about multifunction, eh?

I love Alexa Chung, both the girl and my Tsum Tsum, but I think, now that Che is going to Japan next month, I have room to love one or four more, especially this limited edition Kyoto Tsum Tsum. Love love love!

Do you get the Disney Tsum Tsum craze? Do you want one? What would be your choice of Tsum Tsum?

I am taking Alexa Chung to work tomorrow. Not sure whether I am going to put it on my table. I still need my boss to respect me.

Ps. Tsum Tsum festivalbento, dessert and sushi, game app, pachinko because great things do happen on a daily basis. Happy creating or collecting friends!


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