This and That in July 2015

I am a redhead again. I have been wanting to change my hair color for months, especially in the mornings when I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the frayed brown hair hobo staring back. I am pretty happy with the color, especially since I paid twice the normal rate I would go for. My mistake, new saloon, didn’t check the price, was feeling rich on that day.

Work has been hectic. I know, it feels like I keep repeating the same thing here, but it’s even more hectic than before. I flew to Surabaya for a business trip earlier this week. It was short, packed, and tiring. The highlight was when the colleagues there appreciated the visit, the BEST seafood dinner I had after a long time, and an all-night girl talk.

I got grow your own crystal kit from my cousin and with that, it felt like my witch level has been upgraded.


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