Kovfefed Monthly Digest – Jun 15

I made a mid-year wish list recently, which includes traveling with Fafa to somewhere new within one year. Here is hoping for that.

Work has been frustrating. There is nothing more I would love to do than hitting some pubs and binge drink with my friends. I texted them, and they said “. There is only a small issue in our arrangement, they live hundreds of miles away. 561 miles to be exact. So instead, today after work, I went alone to the only cafe in my office building, gulped double Baileys. Twice. Paid a full bottle price for it and went home with a sad face, puffy eyes, and a heavy heart.

So what am I doing here, right? I should be sleeping it off and it was what I had in mind on the way home. Unfortunately, I, or at least the smart-ass version of myself made a pact, with myself,  to keep up with the blog, which has been taking the back seat in the past couple of months due to work and or laziness and I am not willing to admit which one is the main reason.

How’s the first half of the year had been for you?


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