Wine on Emirates – Jakarta to Dubai

I am writing to you from 37,000 feet above the ground. From Emirates flight EK0357. On my way to the Middle East.

We will be touching down Dubai Airport in less than an hour.

Have I ever mentioned that I love Emirates airlines? They are my favorite! The plane is huge, seating is comfortable, staffs are nice and good looking, food is tasty and the alcohol is flowing.

Speaking of which, my head is buzzing with wine and my ears are well, just buzzing.

I only had two small bottles of Pinot. How do I get drunk from it is beyond me. But my head is not stable at the moment.

So yes, I am reaching Dubai in a classy way: super drunk.

A lot of things are happening in my mind, including work KPI to generate millions of savings this year. Gah!

Alas, let’s focus on me and the fact that we are on our way to Dubai.

I have been in Dubai airport four times before. I even cried during my last stop over here. That’s a story for another time. But I never crossed the immigration border.

I have plenty to do in Dubai, I think.

The initial plan was to squeeze three day holiday, before the busy period at work, solo traveling to somewhere nearby, preferably beach.

The three days becomes a week,  instead of solo traveling, I am traveling with Amma and her best friend. Lastly, the dreamy beach holiday somehow turns into to sunny sandy Dubai.


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