2014 Rewind

Today is the Year Rewind of 2014 in the blogosphere. Tomorrow I am celebrating the new year with my people, we are keeping it low key yet bubbly, meaning we are going to stay home, play a variety of drinking games and get super drunk. Classy, I know.

I want to hug and thank each one of you for reading and subscribing to my blog, thank you for making connections, reaching out and sharing meaningful online moments with me. Because of you, I feel like I finally belong somewhere, in this blogging tribe. So yes, THANK YOU. My biggest goal for this blog in 2015 is to improve my writing because I want to grow it from inside out. Wish me luck and send me good vibes all year long.

In January I..

Opened the new year with my family who visited  Singapore. We had the BEST chili pork in town for lunch, which I ate many more times throughout the year.

I only made one resolution at the beginning of the year, to wear more lipstick, since I like buying lipstick, which would be a good excuse to buy more of it. I think I have accomplished it. This year, I have colored my lips more often than any other year.

I distributed Christmas presents to my colleagues in the middle of January. I couldn’t make it last year because it was such a hectic end of the year (read the first paragraph). I hope it’s the thought that counts. Anyways, as a side note, I love getting Christmas presents any time of the year.

This month I had my first gig as a travel writer, I wrote a review about Bunc Hostel. I didn’t continue on that path this year, even though I have had some offers because I was holding a full-time job. Now that I’m not, I have decided to be more flexible. Let’s see what the next year going brings.

I went to Korea with my besties. This was our big trip together this year and I was so happy! Happy to leave my office work for three weeks, happy to visit Korea and happy for some quality time with my favorite people in the world. I, of course, love everything Korean; the food, the style, and the vibes. Thankfully, K-Drama, K-Pop, and K-Guys didn’t stick with me. Looking back one of my most favorite memories in Korea was going to the naked spa with Vi and my most favorite meal was the black pig on Jeju Island. Jeju was gorgeous, btw.

I also got a double happiness charm from Fafa, which he gave me on the day he sent me off to the East. It remains my favorite charm until now.

Lastly, also in January, I experienced my first snowfall in Korea. It was whooaaa! I made Yin video the whole thing.

In February I..

Traveled to Beijing and ticked two off my bucket list: solo traveling and taking a selfie in front of the Great Wall of China.

I started watching White Collar on Chinese YouTube, Youku, I’ll get really confused between him and Ian Shamolders when the time comes and they both ask my hand in marriage. Btw, are they like half brothers? Cousins? Or a government experiment regarding really, really good genes?

I celebrated Chinese New Year with my bestie, Yin, and her family. I was invited to their house and served a delicious meal. I felt so welcome. Thank you, Mama & Papa Yin.

There was a big reshuffling in the office. My cubicle was shifted to the corner; I had a much better view and fewer people around me. This was the most powerful period of my career, cubicle wise.

On Valentines Day, I got a bouquet and ate Gulab Jamun. It was a sweet day.

I flew back home to celebrate Appa’s birthday. It was just a few of us, a birthday cupcake and a Starbucks decaf, which he complained to be expensive. I nodded in silence and guilt for treating myself with it on some workday mornings.

Speaking of workday mornings, on a particular shitty one, I went drinking during lunch and finished the rest of the day with a happy buzz.

In March I..

Celebrated a milestone post on this blog. I am pretty proud of it since I have traded countless hours of sleeping time in the favor of writing.

The month of March has always been bland for me. I tried to incorporate a self-declared holiday on the 8th every year. I told this to Fafa and BFF, they just accepted it half-assedly the first time and conveniently forget to celebrate it each year. So yeah, bland.

This year, it was also the saddest month. Two of a very few people who I respect so much passed away. It was hard to accept for me. I can’t imagine how their family and close friends felt. It felt like a personal nudge for me to appreciate my parents more while they are still alive.

In April I..

It was Fafa’s birthday! We had a small celebration at his place with a power ranger cake (he was not pleased with it) just the two of us. I can’t remember what I got him for his birthday. Gah! That’s how bad my memory is! *texting him now to find out* (Abercrombie tee and perfume).

Jik and I started a new called Glitter Geek Project (yes, we are fully aware of our age), with the vision to do more fun things together and create many more memories as adults. Our first self-appointed task was to try a new restaurant in town. There was this French bistro that I had been wanting to conquer since forever called TSF Bistrot. We went there, had a super delish meal and got pretty drunk in the name of making memories. Also, I started cooking again.

I went to a painting class again and painted my masterpiece, titled Miaw. I remember how painting rejuvenated me; maybe I should take it up again.

In May I..

Threw Fia a teeny tiny baby shower together with Yin and VI with balloons and birthday caps. Vi baked cake, Yin took pictures and I, well, posed with the mother to be.

Met a lot of my otherwise forgotten relatives because there was a wedding in the family. We flew to India (my first experience), wore saris, had biryani. Weddings are fun, no? I love it! Especially the fact that every cousin from God knows where flew down to gather around and share gossips while holding vadai plates.

I didn’t get to see much of India this time, but I did get a glimpse of the everyday ethic clothes. They all are colorful, glittery and full of the bling. I concluded that India’s my kind of fashion heaven.

In June I..

Put my paper down at work. Finally, after contemplating for so many moons! It was a huge move. Partly because I knew I would be moving back to Jakarta and I didn’t have a clear idea of where I wanted to work next. I still did it and am proud of it (that time, now I am kicking myself for not having a backup plan).

I went to one (and turned out to be the only one) of the places I wanted to visit this year, Angkor Wat. It was as magical as I thought it would be. I could feel the presence of another part of the world. On top of that, I tried”happy pizza” in the attempt to get high for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, I felt nothing at all. I also could make do without the summer heat, it really burned, and I went home two shades darker.

Also, I got my hair cut short. It had nothing to do with the phantom heat from Cambodia. It was just one of the items in my Before 30 wish list, to cut my hair short ala, Anne Hathaway. So I did, and no, I didn’t look anything like Anne Hathaway afterward, maybe if I start wearing Lancôme…

In July I..

Explored Hong Kong with my BFF. We both wanted to travel somewhere just the two of us, especially since we were going to part our ways soon. Hong Kong came up and Hong Kong it was. We ate countless pineapple buns, took shots in Lan Kwai Fong and hit up both Ocean Park and Disneyland. Jik, I am looking forward for our next year travel. How about the Great Barrier Reef? We shall do the “you jump, I jump” reenactment.

We went to a cat cafe and tried to befriend the cats that in return ignored me completely.

Also, I completed Gala Darling’s #RadicalSelfLoveJuly Instagram challenge.

In August I..

Left my job. On my last day, I thought I would be happy, but I was sad to leave my job, I mean steady paycheck, and some colleagues who I have grown to tolerate, behind.

We booked flight tickets to New Zealand on a whim. After the drama of being stopped at the airport for incorrect visa documents, we reached Auckland two days later. While Auckland was gorgeous at night and Wellington bored me to death; Rotorua captured my heart. I would definitely visit New Zealand again and this time it would be to the southern island.

The trip to New Zealand also inspired me to be a professional sheep photographer. I spent days considering to tap into the business side of it.

We also went to the Singapore Gardens By the Bay and I took a bunch of close up pictures of flowers there. Retrospectively, I can only think, why did I do that??

In September I..

Celebrated my birthday with everyone I loved at Mangotree, a Kerala restaurant in Singapore. The theme was stripes; there were balloons and colorful macaroons. Surrounded by them (friends and family, not the cake) I felt so much love. I, of course, love my gifts but I really appreciate the words written on my birthday cards. Thank you guys for another memorable birthday!

I moved back to my parents’, back to my purple room, and participated in #BlogEverydayinSept.

In October I..

Stayed at home, which is exactly what I wanted to do after living a hobo life abroad. I also took a Photoshop course to fill my empty days, so I wouldn’t become stupid(er). I now know how to photoshop myself into Downtown Abbey dinner scenes. I showed it to my mama, she said no one would believe in cat t-shirt being a fashion trend during that era. Nevertheless, I am pretty proud of it.

We threw a Diwali celebration at home. There was food in abundance and laughter. Everyone from the age of 3 to 53 went back with a goodie bag in their hands.

We also sort of discovered two fancy-smancy coffee shops in Jakarta, called DJournal and 1/15. I have a long overdue post about it. Soon you guys, soon.

I visited my primary school one day and was lucky enough to meet some of the teachers. Most of them remember me as the weird one, some things never change I guess.

In November I..

Packed my bag and traveled to Europe. I had my picture taken in front of Manneken pis, fell completely in love with Berlin, went inside (my first ever) a castle, tried and hated Sacher Torte, saw the most breathtaking view of my life in Jung Frau, got my passport stamped at the kingdom of Liechtenstein, visited Nice and Monaco in one day, was awed by Sagrada Familia and got crazy high in Amsterdam. In short, November was the best month of 2014.

In December..

This month felt like a continuous gathering for me. I finally got to meet baby Peach for the first time. She’s oh sweet and adorable, just like her mama 🙂 I also met Vi and Yin for a dinner-and-coffee date. A few months back, this was a usual event, but I hadn’t had my girls’ night out for a while, it felt like a treat. We caught up with each other’s lives, including boys, babies, and boys who act like babies. It felt just like old times.

I sent Christmas cards all over the world. It was a small gesture and the happy buzz stayed with me for a whole day and every time someone texted me that they got the card.

I injured myself last week. I remember what Papa Kween told me once, “We should be grateful for an injury because it could have been bigger than that, but God protected us from it”. These words have been ingrained in me and made me more resilient in life. Even now, when I walk like a Gollum to everywhere and am no longer flawless (cue Beyonce’s song). A highlight of this injury, now that I am on painkillers and can’t move much, I have plenty of time to do some scrapbooking, even if it feels like a fifth grader could do better than me, it’s the silver linings that matters you guys.

Celebrated Christmas at W’s. I let Miaw took over the blog and wish you all a very merry Christmas on that day. Thank you W for the Xmas gift, I love mugs.

Fafa took me out to celebrate our anniversary. If you ask me, I think it should be the other way around, I should be to one who treats someone who is willing to put up with the craziness that is moi for another year, but he insisted. We went to Shabestan, a Persian restaurant on Robertson Quay. Everything was a new taste for me and the service was excellent, it was definitely a meal to remember.

And that’s my 2014 in a nutshell, at least the part that I am willing to share online. It’s about embracing new things, taking risks and throwing celebrations using any possible excuse.


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