Swatch Watch

Swatch was my first ever watch brand.

I got it from my parents who bought it from Singapore when I was young. I didn’t remember the design of the watch, but I remember feeling extra cool for having it.

Eventually, I grew up and had the money to buy my own watch. And what did I get? Another Swatch. A classic metal strap one, which I wear until now to the office and semi-formal occasions. It’s safe to say I am a loyal customer of Swatch, even without me realizing it.

I saw Swatch Holiday Twist watch in early November in Europe, both in Switzerland and Barcelona. That time, even though I loved it, I passed it for another limited edition designer one.

As you know I am a sucker for anything limited edition. Maybe because I am a single child, which in a way is also a limited edition? Gosh, that’s a terrible joke.

This watch I bought was called the Sliding Door, heavily inspired by Indian architecture design.

Indian+Architecture+colorful = sold.

Anyways, back to the first watch, for some reason, I kept seeing it and loving it. I saw it in Singapore during Christmas and a few more times after that.

I finally decided to get it today, I went to the Plaza Senayan Swatch store and asked for this watch, which poster was on display. Unfortunately, they were sold out. Everywhere. All over Indonesia.

Oh well. Maybe we are not meant to be together. Or maybe, if I still love it in many months to come, I will get it online. I am sure there should be a few stores with vintage Swatch.

Once it passes this holiday season, will it be considered as vintage?


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