Meowy Christmas

Greetings humans and such,

I am Miaw of Kal’s miaw aka The Kulture Kat. I am here today to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Kal had an injury recently and has been acting like a total princess-brat about it. Thus, I needed to step up and send all of you, lovely readers, warm wishes on behalf of her.

I am going to let you in on a little secret, I didn’t even know what Christmas was until recently, especially since Kal celebrates Diwali instead. I felt uncultured, a little embarrassed even, that I didn’t know it exists for most of my adult life. I blame Kal for not introducing it to me earlier. We have been a family for what, more than three years now? But she had never included me in any Christmas celebration before; not when she had Thanksgiving-cum-Christmas dinner with her best friends in 2012 nor when she flew home to celebrate it with her family last year. I was not even included in her office Christmas gift exchange party EVENTHOUGH I was there, sitting in her cubicle, readily wearing the cute tiny red hat.

Thankfully, this year, she came into her Xmas senses and promised me that we would spend some quality holiday time together. And we did. We have been watching Vlogmas, which apparently is a not so new thing YouTubers do during Christmas, but knowing how slow Kal is on catching on to trends, I am just glad that she introduced it to me this year. My favorites are Tyler Oakley and Essie Button’s.

Kal got me a book for Christmas. Wheeoow. I love reading, pink and pink books. The title is #88 LOVE LIFE, by an Indonesian fashion blogger who I have been following religiously. I will need help to turn the pages, but it’s much easier than the Kindle thingy, which for the love of Lion I can’t figure out how to use. Thank you Kal for the thoughtful gift. #blessed.

Tonight, minutes before Christmas day, we finalized our Christmas tree decoration. I wish I had been celebrating Christmas all life long because gosh, how cute am I posing beside it?! I almost offered to take Kal’s picture beside the Christmas tree, thinking maybe you guys want to see her, but I changed my mind seeing she looked like the injured love child of Cher and a roadrunner. She said it’s because she is on a heavy dosage of painkillers, I told her it’s because she hasn’t showered in two days.

Okay, now I have to go back to taking care of Kal, which I have been doing whole-heartedly that I am sure I will be on the fat guy’s nice list. Speaking of the fat guy, Santa I mean, he hasn’t left me any gift yet, maybe because the north pole is quite far from here. It’s okay, I can wait, you can even FedEx i, Santa, as long as I get everything I asked for in the letter I sent to you in the early November.

Btw, Kal has been invited to a Christmas party later today. If she is going (I hope she showers first before she goes), I am going to sneak inside her bag and pop out once we reached the place. I deserve a proper Christmas party goddammit! There is a problem though; the host has a dog, Pope, and I really don’t want to end up as his chew toy. Also, if you wonder who would name their dog Pope, well, they are related to the one who lets the toy cat write a blog post.

Wish you a very meow Christmas everyone!


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