The Week Before Christmas

I spent the week before Christmas week in Singapore, chillaxing and doing nothing while all my friends were still working. I mostly spent my daytime alone, roaming around Orchard while frequenting Kinokuniya and bubble tea shops. I enjoyed it though I felt a little lost and lonely at times.

Also a week before Christmas, I fell and injured my knee pretty badly, which resulted in Miaw taking over the blog and writing the Christmas post. Fortunately, the injury wasn’t that bad, it didn’t stop us from celebrating our anniversary early at a Persian restaurant.

I spent some quality time with Jik who soon will be leaving for Sydney. I got a red rose, met my niece for the first time, bought a love lock, made new friends, painted my nails yellow, did heavy-duty scrapbooking, wrote and sent out a lot of Christmas cards. I had my picture taken in a pretty dress which has become my LinkedIn profile picture in the past year.


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