One day in Switzerland I headed outside Zurich and went to Heidiland. Heidiland is a city based on the book Heidiland.

I was looking at the most picturesque drop in my life. I know I say that so very often, but really, I was. I wished my parents could see this; I wished Fafa and everyone I love could see this.

This time I traveled with a bunch of people and in the process, I got friendly with them.

Sergey is a power engineer from Russia. He is young but very mature. English is not our first language so translating it smoothly was difficult, but we somehow managed to converse. One thing that Sergey said that made me laugh out loud was when I shyly asked him whether he could take a pic of me on the backdrop of this.

His reply was “I thought you would never ask“. Smooth, Sergey!

I also met an Indian couple. Amit and Puspa.

They kept asking me why I was not married yet, why, oh why I eat beef, and many other questions. If you think their questions were annoying they actually were not. They are just so sweet and apparently concerned that I am traveling all by me in my 30s instead of getting married and maybe traveling with my husband. Well-intended, but on the other hand, they inspired me. 3 adult children and they left them to travel all around Europe.

That I want to be.

You know these kinda people, the ones you meet on the road are the ones who enrichen your life. And to share a life story with this background. Wow. Forming friendships with this background, it is definitely bound to happen. Which exactly what happened to Heidi and that kid. Please spend your day in Heidiland if you go to Zurich, Switzerland. Better yet, stay there and tell us all about it.

Update: Sergey has a blog now, I am in email contact with the Indian couple, and Nikki is my Facebook friend now.


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