100 Things I Am Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! To tell you the truth, I never had a Thanksgiving celebration before, though I would very much like to. Someone suggest-tweeted me yesterday to start my own Thanksgiving tradition. Then I thought, hey how about I make a list of the things I am grateful for every Thanksgiving from this year onwards! That’s a good start of a tradition, don’t you think?

I hope you are celebrating it with yummy food surrounded by your loved ones and feeling extra thankful today. Here are the things I am #gr8ful for this year:

  1. The increased comfort of pajamas worn during the daytime.
  2. Songs that make you wanna dance.
  3. Blue skies and starry nights.
  4. Digging through hundreds of Serial podcast discussions on Reddit.
  5. Donuts.
  6. Gift exchange during the holiday season.
  7. My last job, it made me smarter, taught me patience, and paid the bills.
  8. Home-cooked meals.
  9. The courage to quit my last job even though it paid the bills, it no longer made me feel smart.
  10. Adults who wear unicorn onesies.
  11. Sticker book.
  12. My parents, their love, and their everything.
  13. Miaw.
  14. No TV drama makes me more hot and bothered than Scandal.
  15. New iPhone’s battery life.
  16. Photo booth. Let’s stop and make an instant memory!
  17. My last landlord and her kind heart.
  18. Cat patterned sweaters, holiday-themed sweaters, sweaters with quirky words on it.
  19. Birthday ring from Fafa.
  20. Having a best friend who is always up for some girlfriend pow-wow time.
  21. We can go digital all we want, but I still love receiving and sending actual greeting cards.
  22. Swimming at clear water beaches.
  23. Being fit and healthy, especially when I need to carry my big ass luggage up to the third floor.
  24. Abundance in life. We got plenty of sunshine, love and joy.
  25. The external disk that backs up data properly and let me sleep peacefully at night.
  26. Financial stability.
  27. Fafa. I wouldn’t be who I am now without him and I very much like who I am now.
  28. Embracing my weirdness and people who let me be.
  29. American TV series that taught at least half of my life lessons.
  30. Nodding in agreement with whatever Ann and Aminatou say on Call Your Girlfriend podcast.
  31. Digital watch, it makes life much easier.
  32. That the Simpsons is neighbors with the Flanders.
  33. People who bothered to frame pictures at their homes.
  34. Continuing old traditions and making new ones.
  35. Sitting in the painting class.
  36. A book that enchants me to finish it in one sitting.
  37. Properly working home printer.
  38. Happy sigh when they say that WIFI’s available.
  39. House wines. I am extra thankful whenever I order the third glass.
  40. Gloomy weather.
  41. Cozy apartment with huge glass windows.
  42. Drops of snowflakes.
  43. Pictures and knickknacks covered the fridge.
  44. The colors of Autumn.
  45. Chicks who rock the bohemian style.
  46. Growing up in two different cultures.
  47. Glitters covered things.
  48. Everything Harry Potter and Hogwarts and magic.
  49. History lessons.
  50. The sound, feel, and smell of the rain as long as I am inside.
  51. Ranbir Kapoor.
  52. My beanie collections, all eight errr.. ten of them.
  53. People watching at the Sydney Opera House during sunset.
  54. I am not married. yet.
  55. Purple room.
  56. Sharing a traditional Korean BBQ meal with a group of friends.
  57. Cheese platter, melted cheese, Gouda biscuits, cheese cubes. Cheese.
  58. A charm bracelet that carries years of stories.
  59. Colors, especially pink.
  60. Education. I am forever thankful for this one.
  61. Colorful macaroons even though I only eat the pink and white ones.
  62. Travels.
  63. Being born in this family, among forty cousins.
  64. My eyes and the ability to see the beauty of the world.
  65. Goodie bags.
  66. Kind words and affirmations, especially on the days when I really need to hear it.
  67. Mindy Kaling, she is one hell of a role model.
  68. Rereading gratitude journal.
  69. Finding notes in the margin of secondhand books.
  70. New words.
  71. Proverbs that sound embarrassing when you translate it to another language.
  72. My besties who have taught me immensely about the fun of life.
  73. Starbucks’ Peach Blossom Tea Latte.
  74. World heritage sites protected by UNESCO.
  75. Just because notes, written on post-its.
  76. That the goodness we do, for others and ourselves, however small matters.
  77. Inspiring mentors, powerful women, and admirable gentlemen.
  78. Happy things, happy news, happy people, and happy lives.
  79. Good surprises.
  80. New magazine.
  81. When I open my Inbox and instead of four junk emails, there is a personal email from someone I know.
  82. Every single hug gave and received.
  83. Flat shoes because after ten minutes those high heels are really not worth it.
  84. Kate Spade designs.
  85. Pedicures.
  86. Phi Phi Island.
  87. Unanswered prayers because something better awaits in the future.
  88. Mickey patterned socks.
  89. Waking up late on a rainy task less day.
  90. An over the top good morning greetings.
  91. Business trips.
  92. Beautiful sarees.
  93. Immediately answered wishes, answered wishes and wishes.
  94. People who spread good vibes and do good karmas.
  95. Old buildings.
  96. Thick worn blanket.
  97. Enthusiastic tour guides.
  98. Memories in the making.
  99. Delicious in-flight meal.
  100. Every good thing comes from this blog.

What are you thankful for this year?

Ps. I am also grateful for all of you, my readers. Thank you for reading the things I write, you make me happy


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