Kurated by Kovfefed – Oct 14

Let’s jump to the Halloween edition link right away, shall we?

  • Who doesn’t want extra good luck in their days? Check out this everyday good luck spell. Let me know the result after you try it.
  • The wittiest Halloween costume (one-night stand is my favorite!) and the ones that fail.
  • If you haven’t done anything for Halloween yet, but want to (like me), how about these super cute easy to make fridge magnets? It’s versatile too.
  • Or bake this Glamorous Witch Cupcake. It looks fabulous and yum (^^). Send one or a dozen for me!
  • Speaking of witches, you can stay in a Hogwarts themed hotel in London. When I visit London, I am going to adjust my travel date accordingly just so I can stay here. While at it, I’ll take the BB bakery bus tour that serves afternoon tea.
  • Have you ever taken a Harry Potter character quiz before? I am always Luna Lovegood, which I don’t agree entirely. I prefer to think that there’s an unmentioned character in Hogwarts that truly shares my traits and values. In short, I wish that I was a student at Hogwarts.
  • As a student there, I again think I wouldn’t fit into the main four houses, instead I would belong to GRYFFINCLAW. Still, about castles, an Australian couple bought a chateau in France and started a blog about it.
  • Have you ever joined a ghost tour before? I was toying with the idea when we were in Melbourne but didn’t have the gut to do it at the end.

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