First Winter Thoughts

  • Well, hello there, electric blanket! I’m sleeping on an electric blanket! #bestinventionever. Wait, why do they call it a blanket if I am sleeping on top of it?
  • Could I take this drink (Starbucks’s Peach Blossom Tea Latte) back home? I mean, if I put it in an airtight thermos in my luggage?
  • So cold. Brrrr… I will never travel in winter again. What’s so great about winter holiday anyway?!
  • How fascinating is it that different culture has different winter traditions?
  • The irony of walking fast, braving the cold while listening toI’m Walking on Sunshine.
  • My hair is cold.
  • My eyeballs are cold.
  • Heated floor!! Purrrr…
  • Does this require taking my hands from my pocket? If yes, forget about it!
  • I need to rethink my decision to join and live in a nudist colony in my 50s.
  • *Turned my head away from the crowd and put tongue out to taste the snow*
  • Everything looks so pretty blanketed by the white snow. This! This is why people go on winter holiday.
  • My obsession with hats (beanies, especially) is justified and paraded.
  • “Rach, take my picture in the snow”, “Rach, take another picture of me”, “Rach, take a picture of me walking in the snow”, “Rach takes a picture of me jumping around in the snow”, “Rach take…Rach… Rach…”.
  • I’m glad we didn’t have much space. I preferred to have my friends sleeping super close to me (at a hostel room in Seoul).
  • I finally have a reason to wear the winter PJs I bought a year ago.
  • … But wearing it for two weeks straight doesn’t seem like a good idea (day 11).
  • Hey, my makeup stays longer!
  • I want to embrace winter traditions as much as possible.
  • Umm flavorful tea… Um… Kimchi soup… Ummm, pumpkin latte.
  • Shave? What shave!
  • … Regretted not showing when I had to strip naked in front of many naked ladies.
  • I should have packed less. I could survive with two sweaters and one pair of jeans.
  • I wear a pink coat in all my pictures. Hundreds of pictures. Eighteen Days. ONE pink coat.
  • Do people postpone their breakups during winter?
  • Mmm heated socks… Mmmmm, heated underwear.
  • I get it Beijing, it’s winter, but really, put some on a snow show; don’t just be a tease and stay so damn cold.
  • Maybe I can drag this blanket everywhere and call it a Pashmina?
  • I’ll miss this when I go back to sunny Singapore.

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