I received a stamp book from my dad when I was young. He said, “This is for you. It belonged to your granddad, he has been collecting it for years”. My first thought was, “Whee!! I am going to be rich!”. Yes, I was hoping there were some valuable stamps in his collection, which I could make decent money from.

eBay hasn’t been founded back then. I had plenty of time to look through the collection before rushing it to the auction. I learned about different countries and their cultures from those 1″ x 1″ colorful papers. It was kinda like a world globe for me. Eventually, I began to obsess over it and started to save up my pocket money to buy vintage stamps from that one bookstore near my school.

Years later I became a pain in the ass teenager who wouldn’t want to be caught dead with a stamp book. I packed and shoved my stamp collection into one of the boxes in the attic. My granddad must have been rolling in his grave on that day.

I have forgotten all about it until I saw limited edition stamps of different festivals in Singapore in 2008. I needed it in my life! I got it and a few others over the past few years (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, another 2012 and 2014) all the while because I had no idea what happened to the original stamp book.

When I moved back to my parents‘ last year, I gathered the courage to ask Mama Geek whether she had thrown out the boxes from the attic. Her answer: “Of course I did! I had no idea that you are going to move back!”. Valid point ma, then she continued “..but I kept some of your favorite things in the drawer”. Thank you Mama Geek!! Finally, among a lifetime worth of embarrassment diaries and letters, I saw it! My granddad’s stamp book. It felt more valuable the second time around.

The latest addition to the collection were stamps of the royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate, which I scored in Europe last year. With it, the first book has been filled completely. I ought to buy a new one to continue the legacy. Someday I will pass these books to my children, but only after I am sure of their plan to continue the hobby, so to say. I am not risking them snapping pictures of it and selling them in a few seconds with the help of a hybrid app of iPhoto, eBay, PayPal, DHL combined.


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