Remembering to be Grateful

Not a long time ago, I had a conversation with Fafa about how people faces look like while commuting to work. He said, “They all look miserable like they just took a mortgage for their house”.

“Maybe they all do”, I reply back. To which he replied that he wouldn’t mind paying for the loan since it would mean that he owned a house.

How true. At times we forget to be happy even though we have more than enough reasons to be happy compare to the things to be unhappy about.

I have been reminding myself to be grateful for what I have and receive, which should be easy, but it didn’t and still doesn’t come naturally, like now when I got reminded of two weeks worth of laundry waiting for me at home.

If you read my previous entries, you might have noticed that last week my goal was to be grateful. I planned to write four things I am thankful for every day for a week. I have done it for ten days now. At times I experience something nice, instead of not giving attention to it or taking it for granted, I try to remember about it so I can write it down before going to sleep at night. When I make these “mental notes” is when I get reminded how fun my life is.

I want to adopt this gratitude habit/trait/attitude as I think it’s one of the recipes to make us happy, and I am all for making me happy.

Okay, I will stop here before this post starts to read like a page torn from a self-help book.

Before I go, here are a few of my recent gratitude entries:

  • The small list of people that I like and love
  • Polishing-off Oreo Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake and Blueberry Cheesecake on separate occasions in the name of birthday although none of three was eaten on the day itself
  • My new messy hairstyle, it’s more me than me before
  • Jik flew down to Jakarta to give a surprise on my birthday. I have always loved her gifts, but by far, this was the best gift ever!
  • This blog, it makes me happy
  • Hello Kitty balloon

How about you? How are you grateful? Writing things down similar to what I am doing? Praying? Thanking people?

Thanks for reading. I am grateful for you.


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