It was a rainy day and we were on a group tour to Hobitton in Rotorua, New Zealand. You can’t go there just by yourself and I wasn’t going to pay extra for a private tour. We entered a huge grassland, the home of twelve thousand of sheep. It was quite a sight. The set was constructed in 1998 after the director found the Alexander Family farm in an aerial search looking for the ideal charming little village. The rolling countryside and the vegetation closely resembled that of the author’s description of Middle Earth and so the site was adapted to become Hobbiton.

When I was a little, one of the few cartoons available were Tom and Jerry. Although the cartoon was extremely dull, I had to watch it many times when I hung out with other kids, also my Mama loved it. The only thing that fascinated me was Tom’s cozy little house. Young me wanted to live in a house just like that. When I peeked into Frodo’s house at Hobitton, I had the same feeling; it’s brightly painted and cozy-looking. It looked like something I could live happily in.

Unsurprisingly, my most favorite part of Hobbiton was the tavern; it felt authentic complete with a real fireplace facing a cozy sofa. Since I didn’t watch the trilogy, I couldn’t relate much; it only reminded me of the TV series Hercules (geez, I am old). I had apple cider and it’s the BEST one I have ever drunk in my life. DELICIOUS! I wish I could have stayed longer inside the tavern and hung out with the “locals”.

The only part I didn’t like about our Hobitton tour was the tour guide. She lacked passion and rushed us every chance she got. It felt like a secondary school study tour. Gah, I hate it! Anyways, the Hobbiton is a must visit attraction when you visit Ne


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