Forgettable Meal on SQ – SG to NZ

We were lucky to get a last-minute, 1-for-1, deal from SQ. Since it’s a long haul, I flew with high expectations.

The food was nice, but I have had better from less known (and cheaper) airlines.

It makes me wonder how come it’s the number #1 airline in the world? Maybe it’s me being bitch because I was hungry half of the time (they served food only two times on a 9-hour flight).

Airline dining sometimes is not cheap, but it calms my flying jitters down knowing there is a bento waiting to be served to me up in the sky.

So I ordered it whenever I could and I have been documenting it since last year for the sole reason; it makes me happy.

Btw, these days I stopped taking pictures of it with the camera. It’s uncomfortable to take a camera from the bag and snap a picture of the meal in front of you while being stuck in between strangers who usually are middle-aged uncles.


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