Gardens By the Bay

We went to Singapore Gardens By the Bay a couple of weeks ago and took tons of flower pictures. I have been thinking of a fitting story to post the pictures from that day, something to do with romance, gardening, or seed business, but I’m not interested in the first two and I have no idea how to start a seed business.

These pictures have been sitting in my iPhoto without serving their higher purpose. So I thought it’s better to put them out here for no reason other than just to show them off as I don’t know what to write it in the first place. Enjoy!

When I was a teenager, my favorite flower was the water lily. Then, as a young adult, it used to be the sunflower and the fondest memory associated with it is when Erwin gave me a bunch of sunflowers on my 21st birthday. As I grow older, both were replaced by roses. Until now it’s still roses. I wonder whether my adult heart will stick with rose forever?

Taking pictures at the Gardens By The Bay reminded me of my ex who used to take pictures of the trees, sometimes he zoomed into the macro level, at the botanical garden. I never understood this fascination with his. To each his own I guess. But I am pretty sure Gardens By The Bay would fascinate many people.

In the end, no matter what flower it’s, it always manages to make me happy. Whether just by seeing it, or better yet, being gifted a bunch of it. And I consider myself one of the lucky ones who have gotten plenty of pretty flowers in the past (and hopefully more in the future).

Gardens Bay The Bay is far from the apartment I lived in. Well, to think about it, there is no garden or park close to the Bishan neighborhood. Maybe that’s why I appreciate it more, but I pinky promise to utilize these homemade nature with picnics, running in a cape, and books reading if I stay nearby it one day.


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