Academic Coffee Hong Kong

I am sitting here in front of one of the most famous coffee shops in Hong Kong. in front of me, a honey-drizzled strawberry tart. Two things I enjoy immensely combined. Ready to be devoured. But no. I can’t eat it just yet.

You know why? because Jik said:

Jangan kau makan apapun sebelum aku foto!*”

*”Don’t eat anything before I take picture!”

Why did I choose her to as a best friend?

We have decided to give this place a 5 star. Yes. I have eaten the tart above. OMG. So Good.

The service is good. The cafe plays music. It also has many types of seating (we are sitting by the window facing the street) and very friendly staff.

We are sold.

Jik just yelled out loud:

“AAAA…. sipping hot spicy apple cider”

Another thing she said just now:

Ahhh ayam gue tinggal satu!!!!

Ahhh, I only have one chicken left!!!!

hahahhaah congok (greedy)!

It didn’t miss out on me that today is Monday and instead of sitting on my cubicle on the left corner of the 33rd floor on the beach road, I am here.

Writing, traveling, coffee-ing, and with my BFF.

Who can’t stop talking about her spicy hot apple cider tea? To be fair, it’s really good. I almost admit it to her.

Oh btw, we just came from the book shop opposite of the road. Called Cosmos. Looked like a neighborhood bookstore but don’t be fooled my friends. It’s a huge two stories book store and the best part? They still have old English books. The ones I saw like years ago in Singapore borders and recently wake up with the premonition to buy it when I searched for it I couldn’t find it anymore in Kinokuniya these days.

With all this long paragraph you might think I bought one no? No, I didn’t. I bought a published homegrown blogger Jason Y.NG’s book titled Hong Kong State of Mind.

Wait, I think I should get another book of his while we are still in the neighborhood.


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