Quitting My Job

More than a year has passed since I have been thinking, fantasizing, and planning to quit my job, but I never had the gut to do it.

Not when I cried in the office bathroom many months ago, not even when I cried after that and after that. Not after I told my parents about my plan a few months ago and not even last December, which supposed to be the last deadline I set for myself.

I keep pushing my resignation deadline to next month and the next month, but those feelings, the uncertainty, it’s gone now.

A couple of weeks ago, I told a colleague that I am planning to resign, which to my surprise, she replied to do it first, then tell her and she went on explaining how people in the office have been telling her the same thing but they are still here, working day in day out with unhappy face.

Fair enough.

I have heard many times from many who are still staying.

Heck, I have said it way too many times also. So I kept my mouth shut, kept my mouth shut from dropping stupid hints which at times felt like a temporary release, and stopped being resentful of the company, of my boss, and of my job.

My mind is crystal clear: I am quitting.

I am going to put my resignation paper down (more like send the email) next week. After coming back from the Cambodia trip.

I can’t wait!

I wonder whether there is an exit interview and if yes, whether I will be honest enough to tell them what I feel, you know, to give them a “sweet” piece of my mind.

On the other hand, I would like to hear what they think about my work too, it might help me improve career-wise.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck.


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