A Saturday in Singapore

10.20 AM – Breakfast

I am writing this from Wild Honey, a restaurant inside Orchard Mandarin Gallery. The atmosphere is really nice, feels like a cozy kitchen. I ordered New York Cheesecake (hopefully one day I will eat it in New York) and my iced latte came with a pinstripe straw.

I have a feeling it is going to be a fabulous day.

11.58 AM – Book Loving

I am in Kinokuniya. My second home in Singapore. I spend hours and hours here. I fantasise about living in a tiny room inside the bookstore. I’d go out of my place to have coffee (also inside the bookstore), grab a book at random and go back to my hidden shelter. I’d come out and explore at night time when the bookstore closed for public. Today I bought Andrew Matthew’s latest book How Life Works.

3.35 PM – Late Lunch

We are having lunch. It’s my favourite fragrant hot pot restaurant, located at Food Republic, 313 Somerset.

5.40 PM – Ocha

It has been such a hot day, we decided to take another aircon-ed break. This time at we went to Sansui, a Japanese bar by the bay, to enjoy the best view of the city. I am having a cup of tea and edamame.

7.40 PM – Iced Latte

I am at Coffeebean Paragon because Fafa is enchanted by this boring AF place. Ps. Also, their coffee is bad.


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