Diary, Travel

A Singapore Sunday

It was a hot, humid, typical Singaporean weather day when we reached one of my favorite Chinese restaurant in Singapore, Old Yan Kee. As usual, we were greeted excitedly by the waitress which I truly appreciate given Singapore hospitality leaves a lot to be desired.

This time, we also ordered three-colour chilli beef on top of the regular green chilli pork. It was the best Sunday meal and it made me so sleepy afterwards.

To shake it off, we roamed around the Downtown blue-line and stopped at Millennia Walk for a short walk. Stopped at Pandora and got KOI milk tea. I also bought a fuchsia lipstick from an unfamiliar brand.

Then I spent hours at Kinokuniya bookstore and got Tokyo on Foot with 20% discount! I have wanted to buy this book forever. We then roamed at the New Orchard gateway at Somerset. For dinner, we went to Killiney for Singaporean-Indian food.

Back home, we continued we chilled cider and cheese.


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