Be The Heroine of Your Life

Recently, Jik and I started a new routine at work.

We send each other quotes of the day during office hours.

Sometimes I send her something that represents my feeling for that day. Other times absurd but inspiring Mindy Kaling quotes.

And the quotes she shared, at times about random stuff, never fail to make me smile.

It’s just a tiny, even silly gesture, but I have started to look forward forward to it, especially during pulling-my-hair-but-holding-my-tongue work moments.

Today though I struggled to find something that feels right.

That was until I stumbled upon: 

Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.

Nora Ephron.

Yes, it’s a choice. Let’s choose the one that emits superpower.

Isn’t self-love great?!

I am kinda proud of myself for not getting too distracted by Olitz’s on and off and so on and maybe off-again romance scenes playing in the background. 

I just sent it to her, waiting for her move now.  


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