Things That Make Me Happy

1. Package on my doorstep

It’s a long day at work and I was tired, but I needed to do grocery shopping because I didn’t have washing powder anymore and I couldn’t keep using it as an excuse for not doing laundry for a month. (Is it still called grocery shopping if you buy toiletries?) Finally,  I walked up to my place and saw a package in front of my door. Instant rejenuvication!

Be it a parcel/bulky letter/postcard waiting in front of the door; it could be something I have anticipated, as the beauty box; something that I bought myself online or a total surprise (the best kind); whichever it is, it never fails to make me feel giddy from the minute I see it until I tear it open. At times I keep it unpacked for a while to keep the high feeling last longer (addict lingo).

2. Investment bag worth a month salary

You guys, I am a trough and trough bag lady. I don’t care at all about fashion/clothes/combing my hair, but bags for me are like shoes for Carrie Bradshaw. To be honest, I don’t have a bag worth a month’s salary, not even a half-month salary. I still need to pay rent and eat cupcakes man! But if and when I have additional money I set aside to get a not-cheap bag once a year. Once I get it, we, me, and the bag, would bond and be kinda like friends. Wait, did I say I am friends with my bag? Well, that’s embarrassing, I meant to say best friends.

3. Note on the Starbucks Cup

I never got a personal note written on the Starbucks cup and I so want to! You know, Ala Taylor Swift or the many lucky ones out there (zealouuuusness). We have a Starbucks in our office lobby, and with the long hours, I can be considered as a regular but no, no cute written note for me. It’s only “Good day, Mam” and “Warm it up for you, Mam?” Mam? How old do they think I am? Gaaah!! Maybe it’s me, maybe if I stop my expressionless “Latte/Toffee Nut less sugar”, one day I will see “Your bed hair is so sexy..  Mam” written on my latte cup. A girl can wish.  

4. Blog Comments

Who doesn’t like getting comments on their blog? It’s equivalent to compliments in the real world. People read stuff I write and take their precious time to type in their thoughts about it/me. That’s steak sauce, you guys. I filter all the emails I get in my personal account so that most of it will skip the Inbox but not for Disqus notification. Be it I’m in the meeting, woke up in the middle of the night to pee, or in the middle of Liv and Fitz make-out session if you comment on my blog I want to know then and there. Stat. So I can float high — or even higher if combined with watching the make-out scene. Blog comment was best described by Cather of Fangirl; she said it’s like a gold star. I think.


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