Chicken Curry in Cathay Pacific – HK to SG

I was flying back with Yin, I remember we both dreading to go back to reality after two weeks of fun. Seeing the last picture, I realized, I like to eat curry while flying. Above is chicken curry. “A little spicy” the stewardess warned us. I started with the main meal, ate the Haggen-Dazs (I LOVE IT WHEN THEY SERVED ICE CREAM ON THE PLANE), moved to the bread and fruits, and finally the apple juice. Let me share a secret, In-flight apple juice is the best!

I wish I had taken the meal we had on a Delta flight to Japan. I remember loving it so much, but I can’t remember what exactly did we eat. Vi, Yin, do you remember? Have you ever put thoughts on your in-flight meals? Would you ever record it? Strangers, who sat beside me always gave me the look whenever I snapped a picture of the food on my phone but hey, I don’t care. My life, my seat, my curry!

That’s all to start this Airline Dining series. Did this make you hungry? Well, I am! I am going to find a Bento place, sit in the small corner and pretend I am eating on the plane to relive the moment. Only this time, my feet will be touching the ground.


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