Beijing Hotel 161 China

Beijing Hotel 161 is one of 161 hotels located in Li Shi Hutong. Hutong, you guys! You haven’t experienced Beijing fully before you stay in the hutongs. It was close to the shopping area, though I got to know only on my last day in Beijing. In my defense, I think traveling in the harsh winter turns one into a hermit.

It’s an old hotel with heavy vintage Chinese decorations, but the room looked like it had been renovated recently, which was good. It was a decent size, and it came with a flat-screen TV and a clean bathroom. My only woe of the room was the coldness. They didn’t have central heating and the heater didn’t work properly.

Another issue I had was the TV channels. All of them were non-English. The only thing I kept watching was the cartoons, but the storylines seemed so blah that I wasn’t sure they would be funny even if they were translated. The lack of emotional connection with the TV made me feel even lonelier.

My favorite part of the Hutong Beijing Hotel 161 was the café on the second floor. I ate my breakfast there and spent hours at night there, reading. On the weekend it was filled with a mixed crowd of local youngsters and foreigners.

The cafe decoration was cool. Filled with colorful paintings and fun props. And I got to meet Doraemon, my childhood hero.

You can check tours in Beijing, including the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square among other things, at the front desk at the Hutong Beijing Hotel 161. Overall, it was a happy staying there as it’s in the city, in the Hutong area, and definitely worth the value of money.

Also, do check out the Hutong Beijing 161 Hotel for an authentic experience in China.


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