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Celebrating CNY in CN

Happy CNY!

My plan for the day was to walk around Beijing and stop at random coffee shops to write.

I got ready and went down to the hotel coffee shop even before 8 AM. It was closed. I wasn’t prepared to brave the winter morning, so I went back to sleep. Later closer to midday, I went out. First stop was Starbucks. It was the only place that was opened, and I spent four hours there to write a half-hour post.

You know why? Because even though taking notes on an iPad was doable, posting a blog post from it was hell.

I then went out exploring and ended up at Wangjingfung. The fancy part of Beijing. It was lively and buzzing!! I had a late lunch/dinner there, Xiang spicy food. I also got a battery pack for iPhone (It’s CNY after all, I had to buy something for the prosperous year) and went home.

I wrote a guest post on Crystal’s blog and spent the night watching a Catching Fire drama about fire officers and their lives. It was lame.


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