Last Day in Busan

On our last day in Busan, we headed down to Haeundae beach, the most popular beach in South Korea. We went in the morning, it was less crowded, and we got to enjoy it even more. There are cultural events and festivals throughout the year on Haeundae beach. Unfortunately, not on the day we visited it.

There are a few famous temples to visit in Busan. I recommend you visit at least one of them to get a sneak peek of Korean culture’s spiritual side. We chose Yonggungsa, mostly because of the area; it’s located along the coast, and the temple is made to look like a part of the sea. The best time to visit the temple is in April, during the cherry blossom season.

As this is your last day in Busan, enjoy the rest of the day in any way you wish. People also recommend seeing the Gwanggalli Bridge at night and eating at one of the many restaurants in the area. If you are not yet done stocking up on skincare products, head down to the Busan National University district and shop your heart out.


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